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DIY: 8 Steps to Stain Your Deck. Begin by choosing a small section of 2 3 boards and carefully apply one thin coat over the section using a roller with an extension pole. Pay very close attention to the stain, avoiding any pools or puddles of stain or sealer and cleaning them up with a 2-inch paint brush.

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Adding a new deck is a great way for homeowners to improve their outdoor space. Whether you plan to build a solid wood ground-level patio or a composite multi-level masterpiece, selecting the right decking material is the first step in building a beautiful, durable structure.

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Find the right color for your treated deck. Newer decks built with pressure-treated lumber should choose a light-colored wood stain because once you go dark with stain you cannot go back. Older decks, however, should choose something a little bit more of a punch of color to help hide imperfections. Below are some great stain colors for pressure-treated decks.

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Take a look at Greatmats wood decking tiles. from wood-grain to slate and every color in between. If you're looking to add comfort and style to your deck

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Wood Deck Stains. Stains enhance the color of the wood and provide a nice finish that brings out the texture and grains of the material. The most common exterior house colors are neutral whites, tans, and creams so darker stains can be used to add contrast to your home and create a beautiful look for your deck.

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Adding color to the floor of your porch or deck also has the effect of defining the space, thus making your deck a clear and separate outdoor room and giving your yard the illusion of being bigger than it is.

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Adding on to composite deck to match color. Lastly, the texture of the decking can affect the appearance of the color when compared against another board with a slightly different texture because of the shade effect and different casting of light. All of these things - and potentially more - can make it difficult to get an exact match.

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Deck colors range from traditional red to dark grey deck stain and other colorful options. Before you apply the stain to the entire deck, test out the color you choose on a hidden piece of wood.

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How to Choose a Deck Finish. Choose a clear waterproofing finish to protect wood without adding color or hiding the wood grain. 2. To tint the decking, use a semi-transparent stain, which adds a little color, but still allows some of the wood grain to show through. Semi-transparent finishes also provide a modicum of protection from ultraviolet light.

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Low-maintenance decking that repels moisture and maintains color to give you long-lasting beauty. Wolf Serenity Decking is a durable, weatherproof alternative to wood that is easier to preserve and protect from the elements.

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Wood Deck Ideas. This patio area has gorgeous solid wood deck floors in Teak wood. The exterior of the houses has wood siding painted in a pale green, a matching trellis and white moldings. Rustic wrought iron furniture with bright covered cushions add to the traditional aesthetics on this outdoor space.

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How to Stain a Deck: What You Should Know. Clear and wood-toned finishes are designed to enhance woods natural color. Semi-transparent deck stains are lightly pigmented and let grain show through but go a long way toward changing the tone of your wood. Choose grays, blues, greens, reds, and browns.

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The pigment hides natural wood colors and makes the blending more effective, and it protects the wood from harmful ultraviolet light, thus making the deck last longer. In addition to the pigments, most semi-transparent deck stains have enough penetrating oil to soak into the wood and seal the grain.

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How to stain a deck with semi-transparent oil based stain. Simple tips and instruction staining a hard wood deck. DIY deck staining. Home improvement and house building tips for a new home owner.

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Colors of wood stain in smoky blue-hues can also add a hint of beach and sea style to your deck. Deck Stain Color - Alligator Green. Let the lush green lawn and surrounding trees become the focal point with a subtle green stain on your aging deck.

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Teak Decking Color Changes Explained. The color can be highly variable exhibiting blotches and streaks of black, brown, green, yellow, and blue. This can cause a lot of dismay and confusion for a customer when you finish installation of their deck and they want to know where that golden brown color went.

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Step 2 Apply Stripper. Thats it, youve got bare wood ready for new stain, paint, or sealant. There might be some pigment left in the wood, but it shouldnt be enough to interfere or change the color of any stain or paint you put on top of it. Now you can decide how you want to re-seal, stain, or paint your wood deck.

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Since the ideal deck stain is semi-transparent, the underlying color of the wood will affect the stain color. If you're applying a darker stain over a lighter existing stain, the resulting color will probably be different than the swatch indicates. Step 7. Brush the new stain onto the clean, dry deck.

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Thermory Solid Ash Wood Decking. Changes color to exotic brown through out full thickness of the wood Equalized at 6% moisture content by adding steam

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Choosing a Paint Color for the Deck. The natural beauty of the wood - If you want to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, go with a semi-transparent treatment over the wood or clear polyurethane. Use a stain - Wood stains are available in many shade variations and will allow you to showcase the natural beauty of the wood while adding a splash of color to your deck.

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How to clean and restore a composite deck. Apply the composite deck stain: Stir product thoroughly. Make sure that all pigment is mixed evenly into the stain. Apply one coat of Composite Deck Finish following label directions. After 30 minutes, brush or roll out any excess product puddled or pooled on the surface of the deck.

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Adding a Deck, Patio, or Outdoor Kitchen. Outdoor living areas are more popular than ever today. They can be constructed using a variety of materialsincluding wood, composite, brick, stone, or concreteand designed to fit any lifestyle or budget.

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Decking Tile Ideas. Images of wood for decks show that another trendy outdoor design tactic is to paint or stain the deck. Paints and stains add color to the area and help protect the deck from water and UV damage. In addition, adding a new coat of paint or stain is a great way of refinishing a deck at a low cost.

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Before: Expand Your Living Room. Instead of refinishing your deck, consider adding snap-together wooden tiles. To create a deck as comfy as your living room, select from the ever-rising number of outdoor-friendly products, such as this chair and loveseat, pillows, and plastic-and-glass table.

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White and Sage. A deck floor in a darker sage offsets white deck balusters and posts topped with a sage handrail. Reverse the look with a handrail and deck floor in white and balusters in sage green. A white-washed deck railing lets the underlying wood color show through to create aged or shabby-chic appeal, as does a white-washed deck floor.

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Adding Pigment-Based Tint to Wood Stain. Use pigment-based tint with water-based or oil-based wood stains. As a base, use a clear wood stain or a pre-tinted wood stain. Just make sure the pre-tinted stain is also pigment-based. Mix the tint thoroughly to add or deepen the color.

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Composite Decking. This material is the most commonly used alternative to wood decking, and brings significantly reduced maintenance requirements compared to its natural brethren. Typically manufactured with a blend of recycled wood fragments and various plastics, composite decking has the color and texture molded in and will never need to be

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A covetable blend of caramel and honey hues, Havana Gold is a warm brown color that mimics tropical teak with its true-to-nature vibrancy and realistic grain pattern. 12-inch Deck Board Sample Match it up to your home.

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Pressed pine, commonly used for decks, is green when unfinished. If the natural color bothers you, try a semitransparent or solid stain to cover it, Wilson says. Or match the stain to the wood: a green-tinted stain for pine, for example. Stain reapplied every two or three years freshens the appearance of the deck.