concrete wall base with wood fence on top

concrete wall base with wood fence on top

mounting a wood fence on top of a concrete retaining wall. mounting a wood fence on top of a concrete retaining wall. quotes for a 12 inch high concrete retaining wall with fence post brackets next to a ..>> wood fence with concrete wall base - wpc floor manufacturer

Ideas for Retaining wall with fence on top : DIY

Ideas for Retaining wall with fence on top submitted 3 years ago by storysunfolding I have permission to extend the fence on my end unit townhouse back three feet, out to the side 10 feet and up the side of the house by 15 feet.

Build a privacy fence on top of a block wall

How to build a cedar plank privacy fence on top of a block concrete wall using redhead bolts and dog-eared cedar plank fencing. How to build a fence.

Ideas for Retaining wall with fence on top : DIY

I want to level this section out with a retaining wall so that section of the fenced in yard will be more usable and to stave off erosion issues. The retaining wall only needs to go 20 feet to bring the yard level. Since I'm building a shadowbox fence on top of it neighborhood requirement , I planned to make an L shaped retaining wall.

Concrete for wood fence posts?

Put rocks or gravel as a base, put in the posts and a couple inches more gravel, then a concrete collar for about six inches, then more gravel up to near the top, then another concrete collar of about 6 inches, sloped away as they described.


masonry fence, wood fence, or cyclone fence. As an alternative, the performance of unreinforced masonry walls with adequate foundations could be substantially improved by using retrofit details for confined masonry. Even though the use of confined masonry is rare in the U.S., it is common in other parts of the world. This system

6' wood fence on top of cinder block

I wood like to build a wood fence on top of it. The length will be 48' long and 6' tall. I am not sure if I can drill into the top of the cinder block wall and use the footings used for building patio shades to anchor the post to the cinder block.

Fence posts into poured cement wall

Re: Fence posts into poured cement wall Out of 6 posts to that point, at least 2 were stating the same thing, possibly even 3 stating the same thing, in different threads. That would have made 50% of his posts saying that, which, I guess, adds consistency to his posts.

How to Anchor Wrought Iron Fence Posts to Concrete Home

Drill a hole into the concrete where the gate posts are to be located. Use a special core drill that is able to drill into concrete without going all the way through the bottom of the material.

Fences built on concrete with Titan Post Anchors

We have an existing concrete retaining wall on which we would like to install a wooden fence. We'd be using 4x4 PT posts about 5' tall. The wall would be free standing and be about 25' long.

How Do You Build a Privacy Fence on Top of a Block Wall

A: Quick Answer. To build a privacy fence on top of a brick wall, the fence needs to be secured with metal rods and concrete in the core of the blocks. The materials for the fence include wood for the slats, four by four posts for the supports, concrete mix, polyurethane glue, 22-inch-long threaded rods with 3/4 threads and some newspaper.

Attaching Seven Trust Posts to Walls and Pillars

Attaching Seven Trust Posts to Walls and Pillars. This is a perfect solution when you want to put the fence on top of a concrete wall. Using a pipe embedded into the wall or a tower with a base that can be fastened to the wall, a Seven Trust post can easy slide over the internal attachment to hide it and to secure the fence posts.

How to Build a Fence on Top of a Concrete Slab *NEW

Concrete Blocks Concrete Walls Concrete Projects Types Of Concrete Concrete Porch Concrete Slab Cinder Blocks Cinder Block Walls Plaster Crafts Forward Trying to screw or nail into concrete sounds like a near-impossible task.


The fence was sufficiently sturdy enough that it was used as the posts to hold some 2x6" horizontals for the retaining wall to hold the garden. The whole garden was lined with a thick black plastic. The top of the wall between the fence and retaining wall was covered by the same hardwood decking as the rest of the deck.

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Though Allan Block costs vary depending on which block you chose, material costs for Allan Block are competitive with treated wood and stack rock, are less than lannon stone, boulders and other stackable masonry systems, and cost up to 30 percent less than walls requiring concrete footings.

concrete wall base with wood fence on top

So the wife wanted a privacy fence put up between my outdoor fireplace and my we removed that and bought 1/2 inch concrete anchors to drill and hammer into the top of the retaining wall for the base supports then attached the 2 pieces of 6 foot tall by 8 foot wide sections of treated wood privacy fence.

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Concrete Fence: The Strong and Eco Friendly Way to Protect Your Space. For over 10 years Stack Wall has been in business providing Commercial and Residential properties with high quality, eco-friendly decorative precast concrete fencing, adding style and a sense of security.