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Whisperib is a ribbed acoustic wall covering that is typically installed vertically on a smooth drywall surface. The ribbed texture of the wall covering will disguise the seams between pieces as you glue the material into place.

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Commercial Soundproofing Products and Acoustic Treatments to treat STC, IIC, and Reverberation issues on a range of Commercial Projects. Acoustic Fabric Wall

Acoustical Wall Panels Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Commercial

Fiberglass and mineral fiber acoustical wall panels provide excellent sound absorption for noise control in a wide range of commercial interior applications. In addition to optimal acoustical performance, mineral fiber and fiberglass wall panels are easy to install over most any smooth, structurally sound interior wall surface.


Serving businesses in the commercial, institutional and residential markets for over 35 years. Acoustic Wall Panels Designed to help control echo and sound bounce within a room, they can also help block sound from escaping or entering a room.

Designer Wall Covering Fabrics: Commercial, Acoustic

Murotex is an excellent choice for commercial wall coverings and acoustical panels, but it also shines as an office upholstery solution. Office furniture gets a lot of use and can really take a beating throughout its lifetime.

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Vinyl Wall Coverings. Although not as popular as it used to be, vinyl wall coverings are just another specialty Lakeside has under their hat. Our expert mechanics can hang some of the toughest patterns. Along with vinyl wall coverings, we have also hung custom murals, fabrics, and acoustical wall treatments.


Zintra Desk Solutions grant privacy with minimal impact to the overall 'openness' of design. The three products; Desk Divider, Desk Modesty Panel and Desk Screen are crafted from Zintra Acoustic ½ Panels providing acoustic and aesthetic appeal in a range of colors and designs.

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Acoustical. Designed for use on vertical surfaces, panels, operable walls and any place sound reduction is a primary factor such as meeting rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums, restaurants as well as corridors and elevator lobbies.

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Acoustical wallcoverings are designed for use on vertical surfaces, panels, operable walls and any place where the need for sound reduction is a primary consideration, such as in meeting rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums and restaurants, as well as corridors and elevator lobbies.

Roman Pro-838 Wall Fabric Adhesive Acoustical Solutions

Our Roman Pro-838 Wall fabric adhesive is a heavy duty clear based adhesive and is ideal for use with our CrossPoint Acoustical Wall Fabric.You can purchase this adhesive in five-gallon buckets, and each bucket covers an area of 900 square feet.

Goldcrest Acoustical Collection fabric wallcoverings are commerical-grade and come in a variety colors. Our Acoustical Collection wall fabrics come directly from the manufacturers, bringing you this top quality, environmentally-friendly product at the best possible price

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Amazing walls. Pain-free process. Ultra-responsive service. Design Color Manufacturing expertise for healthcare, hospitality, retail, corporate, and more. Our custom commercial wallcoverings program is an ideal solution for architects, interior designers, and business owners seeking to create a unique environment.

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Acoustic wall panels from Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions have an inner core to absorb sound striking the surface. Learn more.


Recommended for acoustical panels and walls. See Alliance Swatch Card for color selection and specs. Tiara Wall Carpeting - Impact resistant, flame retardant, easy to maintain, noise and reverberation reducing wall carpeting is the perfect wall covering for theaters, cinemas, and auditoriums. See Information on Tiara Wall Panels.

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Carnegie Fabrics offer not only Performance Textiles but Plant-based, Bio-based and Sustainable Textiles for purchase. Acoustical Panel Textiles Panels Learn

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Commercial Soundproofing and Acoustical Solutions. At Commercial Acoustics, our team of acoustical engineers and consultants combines years of industry knowledge and proprietary products to solve your noise problems. We provide custom designs or off-the-shelf products and solutions that will meet your needs quickly and affordably.

CrossPoint Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustical Solutions

The acoustical fabric is made of a recycled polyester blend fiber for its inherent stain resistance, durability and easy maintenance. This acoustical wall fabric is available in a wide variety of colors and is easily applied with a heavy-duty wall-covering adhesive, leaving a seamless finish.

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Using cork tiles for indoor wall coverings is an option that makes sense: you improve the conditions of thermal and acoustic comfort, and you choose an exclusive and natural decoration. The range of patterns and colours

Commercial kitchen wall covering

Commercial kitchen areas have strict sanitary requirements. In particular, kitchen walls in restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice businesses must be covered with durable, easily washable, moisture-proof, and mold-resistant materials, the most widely used options being FRP fiber-reinforced plastic and stainless steel panels.

We are an independent wholesale wallcovering distributor, specializing in contract commercial and designer wallcoverings. Acoustical Wallcoverings The Acoustical Collection V from Goldcrest Wallcoverings are uniquely engineered acoustical wall fabrics made of colored fibers needlebonded into a continuous structure, then finished with a heat-set

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Acoustical and Tackable Panels; Wall Protection Systems LEED for Commercial Interiors gives the power to make sustainable choices to tenants and designers, who do

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Acoustic Coverings . CLIPSO ceiling and wall coverings provide high-end visual and acoustic solutions for any interior space. CLIPSO 495 D and 705 A Acoustic coverings are highly micro-perforated which allows for a high level of acoustic performance.