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How to Build a Timber Retaining Wall. Building a timber retaining wall is conceptually easy and physically back-breaking. If you use properly treated timbers and build the wall properly a timber retaining wall might last 30 years. Timber retaining walls are simple to understand, simple to design, and simple to layout.

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Get the Facts on Seawall, Bulkhead, Retaining Wall Repairs and Replacement. Concrete Construction: Obviously concrete lasts longer than wood and most concrete contains rebar which reinforces the concrete and allows it to support the bending loads experienced by a seawall. However, concrete deteriorates in harsh marine conditions which eventually leads exposure of the rebar to saltwater and ultimately failure of the wall.

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Step 1. Level the area you intend to build the wall around, eyeballing it and digging out with the shovel. This can be a very rough process as the concrete in the sacks will shift to hug the curves of the earth. If you are digging into the side of the hill to make more yard space, do so now.

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Bulkheads. As with retaining walls, the bulkhead system should not be displaced, leaning, cracked or broken. The earthen surface on the retaining side of the bulkhead system should be to the top of the bulkhead so that surface water runs down over the top of the bulkhead and does not accumulate behind the wall.

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Wood Bulkheads. Wooden bulkheads are the most inexpensive bulkhead or retaining wall option available from a first-cost perspective. They are effective,and give your waterfront a comfortable, natural look. Because of this natural look, wooden bulkheads are great for blending around other structures such as existing bulkheads, piers, boathouses, and boat slips.

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"wooden garden retaining wall wood retaining wall treated wood retaining walls landscaping retaining walls wood retaining wall retaining walls and wood retaining wall construction" "If your garden is on any kind of a slope, its possible a garden retaining wall might make your property more usable, and more valuable.

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How to Build a Retaining Wall 05:56. Here's what you need to know about building retaining walls. Similar Topics: Hardscape Structures Retaining Walls. Similar Playlists.

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Bridge Builders USA Inc. services include retaining wall construction and bulkhead construction to enhance your project using our top-down construction method Timber Bridges by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. 800 874-9403

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How to Build a Lake Bulkhead Step 1. Dig a trench. Use a shovel or earth moving equipment to dig a narrow trench Step 2. Dig holes for the anchors. Use the shovel and post hole digger to make holes every 10 feet. Step 3. Install the anchors. Place the 5-by-5 poles in the holes. Step 4. Install

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To build a timber retaining wall, begin by digging a trench along the line of where your wall will be. The trench should be approximately the depth and width of the timbers you will be using to build the wall. If you need space to work on the back side of the wall, dig that space out before you begin building the wall.

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Design your own SEAWALL. If you only want to build your seawall once, you have to select the best materials available. If youre already facing a wall in need of repairs, you need a lasting solution.

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Stabilize Your Property with a Retaining Wall, Bulkhead, or Both. Since every property is unique, the specific factors of your property will determine if you should build a retaining wall, a bulkhead, or a combination of both to provide the best form of stabilization for your needs. Call Gibson Marine Construction. Their experts can design a beautiful solution to best stabilize your land.

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New Construction and repair of Bulkheads, Retaining Walls and Piers much more Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions is the leading choice for both residential and commercial Marine Bulkhead and Seawall Construction and Repair in Texas and the Houston Bay area. GCWS offer a complete line of waterfront construction solutions including boathouses, marine bulkheads, seawalls, docks, piers, and gangways.

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Keeping the Water at Bay: Build a SeaWall. Constructing a seawall helps prevent your shore from making a gradual migration to the bottom of the lake, stopping the ongoing shrinkage of your property line. And the turn of the season may be a good time for a seawall project, as many lake authorities lower the water level in autumn, allowing easier access to the shoreline.

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The Truline wall system offers a better way to build and protect steel-reinforced concrete walls for longer service life of seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, cutoff walls, and more.

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At the end of the project, you may want to remove excess rebar with a reciprocating saw. Fill in the land side. Fill in the land side of your seawall with rocks and large gravel, to allow for adequate drainage. Cover these rocks with sand, and finally finish with a layer of topsoil.

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Vinyl Bulkhead Prices. Select your vinyl bulkhead from the chart below. The bulkhead prices are based on a price per linear foot of wall length. You will quickly see they are the lowest vinyl bulkhead prices anywhere. Call for pricing on custom lengths or special projects. We supply materials for nearly any size bulkhead, retaining wall, or seawall.

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Short Sketchcast from on how to build a wooden bulkhead - shows the basic components and a simple design of a wood bulkhead. Produced

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Building a Seawall 101. With over 28 years of combined expertise Perfection Seawalls can assist in your need to build a seawall. As a Florida Marine Contractor we know how to evaluate, estimate, plan, design, and build a seawall to provide your perfect coastal property solution.

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Need Bulkhead and Retaining Wall Construction? Our professional crews can build onto or around existing structures such as docks, piers , boat houses, boat slips , and other bulkheads. Whether you want rebuild or repair an existing bulkhead, create an erosion control solution, or reclaim eroded land with a bulkhead or retaining wall, we can help.