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Hiring pros is easy on the schedule but hard on the budgetthe cost of repairing a 700-sq.-ft. deck is $700, or about $1 per square foot. Restoring a deck yourself will cost a third as much. A deck rejuvenation project like this can be done in two days, but it's best to spread the work over two weekends to ensure the wood is completely dry

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install Wood Decking starts at $8.73 - $11.36 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, size options.

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250 SQ. FT. DECK WOOD - $100,250 sq. ft deck wood 1/4 of it is treated . selling for 100.00 cant receive text. screen on ph. is cracked. call steve . menu. crslist for sale cl. cost to build 400 sq ft deck - Environmentally Friendly Flooring,Average price per square foot for deck build , $100 -$250 to clean and stain a 500-square-foot deck

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In the United States, the average deck is around 100 square feet. Average deck cost for a 300 square foot deck made of wood is $1500-$3000 if homeowners install it themselves. Average cost for a 300 square foot deck made of wood is $3000-$7000 when a contractor builds it. Deck Cost Per Sq Ft

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Average cost to build sq ft deck how much for a typical contractor t have a huge budget for a deck but certainly enough for a modest oneI m hoping for about sq feet

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Most expensive, however, are exotic wood decks made out of Seven Trust and Seven Trust. Deck cost per square foot. Homeowners across the US, report spending $20-40 per square foot on building a deck. This is about $6,000-12,000 for a 300 sq.ft. deck. Here is a quick reference chart to give you a sense of how much you can expect to spend.

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The average cost of composite decking is $35 per square foot. Wood deck owners who want to preserve that pristine deck condition need If budget is a concern

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These are only some of the many uses for a deck. You might also consider adding a hot tub, gazebo, wood deck railing, flower boxes, benches or a swing. So how much do these extra pieces cost to transform your deck into something more? Some feature costs include: Landscaping: $5 to $20 per square foot; Patio warmer: $150 to $400; Fire pit: $500

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Expect the cost for installation to run you about $9-15.00 per square foot for a contractor to install new decking. If the contractor needs to remove existing decking, the cost associated with this would run you about 2-300.00 for a typical 10 x 12 foot deck.

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You could build a treated-lumber raised deck, say 10x16 feet, for about $1,500 in materials. Hiring someone to do the work for you makes your total cost in the range of $3,500. You can buy the materials for a 12-foot-square redwood deck off the second floor, with a flight of steps leading to the ground, for about $6,000 and build it yourself.

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Decks built with cedar can cost between $11 and $26 per square foot, Ford says. Man-made or composite materials are among the most expensive materials available, sometimes as much as $50 per square foot. Composite material is becoming increasingly popular, and sometimes replaces wood decks in homes before theyre put on the market, Ford says.